• Students of the Safe School share their experiences with the Illinois State School Board.

  • State Superintendent, Dr. Tony Smith visits with the West 40 Safe School.

  • House of Representative, Chris Welch reflects on his visit at the Safe Schools.

  • West 40 RSSP Mission Statement

    In partnership with western Cook County School Districts, the West 40 RSSP embraces the individual strengths and diversity of the members of our school community.  Through the core values of the Circle of Courage, we create a sense of belonging, foster independence, promote a spirit of generosity, and support mastery of academic, social emotional, and career goals so those we serve,  THRIVE.







    West 40 RSSP Program Overview

    The program offered at the West 40 Regional Safe Schools Program is designed to incorporate the Illinois Learning Standards/Common Core with the Regional Safe School Program guidelines. In addition to these standards, the West 40 Regional Safe School guidelines call for instruction in social skills, work-based learning, and service learning. All of these areas will be covered in classes designed from best practice research, which includes the use of small class size, interdisciplinary curricula, and opportunities for experiential learning. To supplement the core curriculum as outlined by the State of Illinois Learning Standards, students attending the West 40 Regional Safe School-Middle School program will have the benefit of social work professionals, experiential learning field trips, speakers, and technology integration.




    Program elements include:

    -Direct Instruction of Academic Core Courses

    -Supplement With On-Line Edgenuity Courses

    -Social Work For Every Student

    -Restorative Practices and Interventions

    -Cooperative Education Program

    -Community Mental Health Partnerships

    -After School Activities -Family Events/Conferences (6 a year)

    -Leadership opportunities