• Proviso Seniors Plus

    In collaboration with District 209, the Seniors Plus Program provides academic support by monitoring grades, attendance, and student behavior on site at Proviso PEACE Center. In addition, students will receive social-emotional support through one-to-one mentoring by a Seniors Plus Student Advocate. To promote student success, students enrolled in the Seniors Plus program will set academic goals, be held accountable for their schoolwork, and participate in mentoring/enrichment activities. Last, the Seniors Plus staff communicates with school staff and parents to develop positive relationships.

  • What is Seniors Plus Credit Recovery?

    Seniors Plus Credit Recovery is a program for students who were not able to earn enough credits to graduate on time, which offers the opportunity to earn credits towards a high school diploma.  Students are provided a safe and encouraging learning environment, located in the high school building.  Students work at their own pace in a self-directed online learning program.  The classroom is led by a district employee and a co-teacher to provide one to one instruction and a classroom structure.  Seniors Plus works with each student to provide a flexible schedule to benefit the students who often carry many other responsibilities and struggles, in addition to the school.



    Nikita Bryant-Teacher nbryant@west40.org

    Emily Murray-Student Advocate emurray@west40.org

    Annie Johnson-Security ajohnson@west40.org

    Pedro Peralta–Coordinator pperalta@west40.org

    Moniet Holloway – Director mholloway@west40.org