• Mike Czerniawski School Improvement Specialist T-SIP: School Improvement is designed to help you build school improvement plans that close achievement gaps while increasing equity and meeting ESSA requirements.  It is an unprecedented collaborative effort by the three ISCs (North Cook, South Cook and West 40), created to meet the needs of schools designated by the state as Targeted (or Underperforming).  The team has created a process, template, and accompanying tools that will propel the school improvement efforts of Targeted schools. The intention is to ensure that our schools are ahead of the curve, acting proactively to create and implement school improvement plans that will truly make a difference. T-SIP was successfully piloted in schools across the three ISCs in the summer of 2018.

    Mike Czerniawski
    School Improvement Specialist 
    C: 708-968-0011
    O: 708-449-4284
    Please reference our website for more information: www.tsipillinois.org