• Welcome to West 40 ISC #2!  We are here to serve you.

    The West Cook Intermediate Service Center is constituted by statute to provide services and regulate compliance of laws related to the school code. That means that we are a government body designed to help schools and school districts abide by the laws designed for structure and functions of the districts.
    However, our focus is and always will be improvement and growth within our students, educators, schools and districts. We often say that, "We are the 411 and the 911." By this we mean that we are striving to be the best source of information (411) while providing support in times of difficulty (911).
    Our website will open doors for you related to Licensure, Fingerprinting, Professional Learning, Compliance, Permitting, Safety, Wellness and Technology. These are essential areas where we can facilitate learning, progress and service.
    Our most recent endeavor has been the establishment of "state of the art" programming for at-risk students. We believe in one future at a time! We are building relationships with over 1500 students and help them focus on and achieve their hopes and dreams. Each and every student is a future success and many are future leaders. We love being part of this work!
    Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. There is no issue in west Cook County schools that we are not involved in and committed to enhancing!
    Dr. Mark A. Klaisner
    Executive Director