• The Alternative Learning Opportunities Program (ALOP) is a state funded, school-centered, mentoring program designed to provide general education students with an opportunity to achieve academic success, learn social/emotional practices and develop interpersonal skills.


    The program was launched in 2011, serving 560 high school students, in 2 West Suburban Cook County school districts. The graduation success rate was the encouraging factor that led neighboring school districts to embrace the ALOP vision and provide similar opportunities to their students. Today, approximately 50 Student Advocates are serving over 1500 students a year in 15 schools within 9 districts of the West Cook area.


    The objective of the ALOP is to assist students in applying social/emotional skill sets, while creating individualized goals that will help identify the strengths and weaknesses that will guide their endeavors towards graduation. The ALOP utilizes a wrap-around mentoring approach, where with the support of the respective school staff and family, a Student Advocate provides the student with one-on-one support to help achieve academic success.