Regional Safe Schools Program

Our Safe Schools help students take ownership of their behavior, turn their lives around and get back on the path to graduation.

How we Help

West40 operates Safe Schools for kids who are up against difficult circumstances. We know that most of these are out of their control, and we believe that if we change these circumstances—offering safety, encouragement and structure in a new environment—we can change the ending to each kid’s story.

“I came to West40 as a boy. They turned me into an intelligent and thoughtful young man.”

– David, former Safe Schools student

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Social & Emotional Learning

Our Safe Schools teach each student to set goals, improve their behavior and take responsibility for their own future.

family events

By creating a safe, welcoming atmosphere, we get parents involved in their students’ lives in a way that some never have before.


West40 Safe Schools help students improve academically, setting them up for an eventual return to their home middle school or high school.

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The Future of Education

West40 welcomes local leaders and state legislators to learn about a radically different approach to teaching and supporting students.

rssp staff
Frank Giosa
Michelle Hopper
Lizette Chavez
Administrative Assistant
Chris Raffen
Building Engineer
Kristen Parsell
Reflective Consultation
Katherine Rack
Social Worker
Nancy Mohlman
Social Worker
Tim Crawford
Restorative Interventionist
Vince Harper
Restorative Interventionist
Deacon Johnson
High School ELA/Social Studies Teacher
Tim Stafford
Middle School and High School ELA
Lytaka Allen
High School and Middle School Career Exploration
Chet Williams
High School and Middle School Social Studies and Science Teacher
Jeremy Mikkelson
Middle School Math and Science Teacher
David Corral
High School and Middle School PE Teacher
Julia Keller
High School Algebra 1&2 and Geometry Teacher
Tony Summers
High School and Middle School Teacher
Pam Vujovich
Heart2Heart Coordinator
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Frank Giosa
West40 Regional Safe Schools Program Director
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