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Expanding West40's Food Program

Providing nutritional support is one of the many ways West40 remains committed to being what our communities need. And now our food services are expanding as we prepare to collaborate with the Greater Chicago Food Depository and Real Foods Collective.  This means fresh produce will soon be available.

The Heart 2 Heart Food Mart is located at Saint Joseph's campus in Westchester. Every Monday and Thursday from 12:30 - 1:30, Tyrone Sally distributes food by offering items such as eggs, cheese, bread, pastries, frozen meals and an abundance of non-perishable goods.  Our strategy is tailored to meet the specific needs of each family, taking into account such as size and ages.

Additionally, freshly prepared meals are available every Thursday.  This is made possible through the generosity of Chi-Care. The hot meals are based on reservations made in advance, accommodating as many families as possible given our limited resources. 

"Recognizing the universal importance of food, we are committed to ensuring that no individual or family in our community goes without this essential resource," said Pam Vujovich, West40 Heart 2 Heart Coordinator.

Families and community members seeking assistance from the West40 food program can connect directly with Vujovich at or 708-240-1654.

The West40 food program was established in December 2021.  Panera Bread was the first organization to donate to our food program.  We began with bread and pastries and have evolved to a variety of other food items. Our partners now include Jewel/Osco, Mariano's, Chi-Care, Torres Market, Schlegl's Bakery and Goldberg Photography Studio.

The West40 Heart 2 Heart store, located at the West40 Lexington building, continues to offer families supported by West40's student advocacy program a chance to shop for clothing and other household items. Heart 2 Heart Store visits are available by appointment-only.

Here are a few heartfelt messages from families that have received Heart 2 Heart services.

"Well I would like to just say thank you and I am truly blessed by Heart 2 Heart.  My kids were so happy and kept smiling with all the nice things and food that were given to us. Where we come from we don't have help from places like your organization so we truly appreciate Heart 2 Heart. God bless your organization." Ruby

"Thank you for the opportunities! It's such a blessing to have an organization like yours." Santiago

"I made it home and I'm feeling very overwhelmed with all the blessings Heart 2 Heart have given me and my family. You have shown so much love in that short time being in your environment that my heart is so full of happiness.  Knowing that it is organizations like yours that cares and goes out of your way to help in any way you can. Me and my family will be forever grateful and we will always remember everything that Heart 2 Heart stands for and for how you made us a little MORE at peace. Thank you so much." Kathie

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