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Prices for nearly all consumer goods are at record highs as the country grapples with inflation, but West40 is offering relief to its community members by providing essential household items for free at its Heart 2 Heart store.

The store opened its doors in July at its new location in Maywood, where West40 is renovating the former Lexington Elementary to be its Regional Safe School and main office.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time for West40 families seeking relief from high prices.

“This is nice and helps people who can’t afford it.  I think it’s a good thing,” said Timica, a shopper and parent of a Regional Safe School student.

The store, located at 415 W. Lexington St., is stocked with clothing, diapers, toiletries, cleaning supplies and even furniture.  Shoppers can also select toys, cookware and shoes.

Items are new and are donated from West40’s partner organizations.

The original Heart 2 Heart store concept started as a way to help Regional Safe School families overcome financial hurdles.  It has since expanded to serve other West40 families.

“It warms my heart.  It’s so wonderful to give back to help others,” said Heart 2 Heart director Pam Vujovich, a former Safe School art instructor who now runs the store full-time.

The store provides student and store employee Anton an opportunity to learn valuable work skills while helping West40 community members.

“It feels good.  I just like helping people,” Anton said.

Shopping appointments are available by appointment only.  Contact Pam Vujovich via email at for more information.

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