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West40 is pleased to announce two new members to its governing board! 

Mary-Rita Moore, President of Triton College and Dana Wesolowski, Board President of Westchester District 92 ½ officially joined the West40 governing board during the August 11 meeting.

Moore said this opportunity will allow Triton College to continue fulfilling its mission of valuing the individual, educating, and serving the community.

“I think this is an opportunity for Triton College to continue being a good partner and to ensure that we are serving our community and welcome the opportunity to engage and support the West40 programming and effort,” Moore said.

Wesolowski said joining the board makes sense due to West40’s plans for a new learning facility on the grounds of St. Joseph High School in Westchester.

“I am excited to be a part of the West40 board to further the connections that our district has with West40 and the entire community of Westchester,” Wesolowski said.

The West40 governing board is composed of school district leaders, principals, teachers, principals, and school board members from across West Cook County. The board advises the executive director and is involved in setting the course for the organization.

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